Trip Report

Trip Report of the Herping Expedition with Matthieu Berroneau

November 24 - December 2, 2019


Our Pantanal Expedition in November 2019 was successful. The trip gave to our participants the opportunity to have some unique wildlife sightings. We spotted about 55 species of herps plus an incredible amount of mammals. We also managed to road-cruise 9 Tapir, 2 Ocelot, 2 Southern tamandua, 1 Giant Anteater, and loads of Marsh Deer and Capybara! Too bad we didn’t find the Caiman Lizard.

Our expedition leader, Matthieu Berroneau, put in the work and was always eager to do the extra mile in order to unveil some more species. He was the key of the trip as finding, identifying, and photographing herps is a challenge!

The squad featured experienced herpers and very accomplished photographers. We sampled two different areas of the northern Pantanal during 6 days and towards the end we headed to the plateaus of the Chapada dos Guimarães to find more targets.

The trip required stamina as we spent most time walking and looking for herps under an overpowering heat and insufferable humidity. Not a drop of rain during the first 4 days, let alone when we drove to the second site under a crazy downpour. Mosquitoes and other bugs were out there, especially on the forest trails.

The trip was packed with lots of forest hikes and road-cruising that delivered some serious stuff. We crossed off 2 Yellow Anacondas (a juvenile and a sizeable adult), an adult Matogrosso Lancehead, a big South American Pond Snake, a decent-sized Chaco Sepia Snake, and a Neotropical snail-eater amongst others. One of the most remarkable snakes was probably the Matogrosso Lancehead that we found on the third night. This species of pit-viper was high in the list and finding it was a tremendous experience. The group was just ecstatic when we stumbled upon it.

Next to those finds, we got to see a Spectral bat eating a native rodent. Matthieu also hiked a 6-foot Neotropical Racer!

We spent the last two nights of the trip at the Chapada dos Guimarães, famed for its dramatic landscapes. Down there we ticked 2 Brazilian Lanceheads (a 5-foot adult and a 3-foot adult). Chapada also delivered a species of False Coral Snake, a Cat-eyed snake, an Amazon-tree boa (high up in the trees), and a Royal Ground Snake, to mention just a few.

List of species observed during the tour

  • - Tortoises
  • Cheloniodis carbonaria
  • - Crocodiles
  • Caiman yacare
  • - Amphisbenas
  • Amphisbaena vermicularis
  • - Lizards
  • Ameiva ameiva
    Kentophryx sp.
    Micrablepharus maximilianus
    Salvator merianae
    Tropidurus torquatus
    Notomabuya frenata or Copeoglossum nigropuctatum
    Anolis meridionalis
    Hemidactylus mabouia
    Mabuya (guaporicola ?)
  • - Snakes
  • Thamnodynates chaquensis
    Thamnodynates lamnei
    Bothrops matogrossensis
    Eunectes notaeus
    Helicops leopardinus
    Hydrops caesurus
    Massurana bicolor
    Psomophis genimaculatus
    Pseudoeryx plicatilis
    Liophis poecilogypyrus
    Dipsas bucephala or cisticeps
    Liophis typhlus
    Chironius laurenti
    Corallus hortulanus
    Leptodeira annulata
    Mastygodryas boddaerti
    Oxyrhopus trigeminus
    Boa constrictor
    Bothrops moojeni
    Liophis reginae

  • - Anuras
  • Leptodactylus podicipinus
    Elachistocleis ovalis
    Chiasmocleis albopunctata
    Rhinella scheneideri
    Scinax acuminatus
    Hypsiboas raniceps
    Phyllomedusa (azurea) hypochondrialis
    Physalaemus (Eupemphis) nattereri
    Trachycephalus venulosus
    Scinax nasicus
    Pseudis paradoxa (or Pseudis platensis)
    Rhinella granulosa
    Physalaemus cuvieri
    Scinax fuscovarius
    Dendropsophus nanus
    Dendropsophus melanargyreus
    Physalaemus albonotatus
    Leptodactylus labyrinchus
    Leptodactylus leptodactyliosus ?
    Leptodactylus chaquensis
    Scinax sp

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Kevin Price - 2019

"Erwan worked hard making sure we had everything we needed during every day of the trip. The trip was fantastic! We hiked more than I thought we would, which is good, and then road cruised and night hiked until late in the night every night. With every animal we found we all had more than enough time to photograph it how we wanted to. The priority was making sure we had the images we wanted before we moved on. We were also allowed to get close to the animals to make our images something special. This was hands on up close herping.

Between our guide and herpetologist, we knew what every animal was we were looking at, even the non herps. This was a very well run and organized expedition. If you've been thinking about how they will be run, Herping Brazil is the answer. Their priority is you and making sure you get out of it what you want. We found so many animals and I came away with so many wondeful photographs and memories, I can't recommend Herping Brazil enough."